Hi there, I'm Janice, a digital product designer based in Austin, TX

I design experience to empower people somewhere in between the digital and physical world ◡̈

Most recently, I was at Tesla crafting Tesla Design System. Previously, I was a product designer at Wish, Wix, and Rhode Island School of Design.


Winter 2021

A dating app meant to reduce the instant gratification of “speed matching” by slowing down the process with more thoughtful action.

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Summer 2022

UX Design for Tesla Design System Team to design Tesla's design library used by the designers and engineers across all media platforms.

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fall 2020

A third-party streaming platform for OTT media services built to not only centralize and streamline watchparty experiences

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Winter 2021

To enhance social engagement on a music streaming app Spotify, we proposed a case study of an imagined concept.

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A little more about me


Tesla—UX Designer
Austin, TX
MAY 2022-SEP 2022

Wish—Product Designer
San Francisco, CA
SEP 2021-DEC 2021

Pangea.app—Product Designer
Providence, RI
JUN 2021-SEP 2021

Wix—Visual Designer
New York, NY
JUN 2020-SEP 2020


Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, RI
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

For more information, find my resume!

When I'm not on Figma

In my free time, I'm probably at a random parking lot trying to land peter pan on my longboard or munching on B&J Berry Sweet Mascarpone. I like to call my favorite ice cream flavors the main greens: matcha, pistachio, and mint-chocolate🔋️

✸ ENFJ / 2w3 (if you know, you know)
♣ loves cooking, bartending, and baking
✿ always in search for good cafes
❉ cold pizza and flat coke enthusiast
✎ currently expanding my toolkit as a creative!

How it all started

To summarize, I was a middle school KPOP merchandise designer, a high school freelancer, a graphic design college student, and now a user experience designer—or a creative strategist, a visual storyteller, anything you would like to call it as long as it empowers humans somewhere in between digital and physical world.

Tell me about your story as a designer, I would love to tell you about mine!

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