Hi there, I'm Janice and I design experience

to empower people somewhere
in between the digital and physical world.

*  *  * 

currently at Rhode Island School of Design 💻 finishing off degree,
previously at Tesla 🚗 crafting design system

Take a peek at my work ↓


Winter 2021

A dating app meant to reduce the instant gratification of “speed matching” by slowing down the process with more thoughtful action.

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Summer 2022

UX Design for Tesla Design System Team to design Tesla's design library used by the designers and engineers across all media platforms.

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fall 2020

A third-party streaming platform for OTT media services built to not only centralize and streamline watchparty experiences

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Winter 2021

To enhance social engagement on a music streaming app Spotify, we proposed a case study of an imagined concept.

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So, hello again!

I'm always open to new fun projects so feel free to shoot me an email or reach out to me on any platform. ​I'd love to hear your story and tell you about mine :)