So, hello again!

I'm a digital product / UX designer based in Austin, TX 🌵
With a deep understanding in visual design and accessibility, I aspire to craft intuitive yet powerful pixels from human-centered strategies and design. Let's connect <3

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How it all started

From a middle schooler designing merchandise for a celebrity crush, to a high school freelancer, to a college student with a big passion for digital product design, and I'm here now

A little fun fact about myself, I attended 8 different schools during 12 years of education, which helped me to grab on the initial idea of how different backgrounds of an individual come together to create one unique experience and perception. With this in the back as my design principal, I aim to drive design solution that tackles different needs and wants from the users.

When I'm not on Figma

In my free time, I like to spend my time in the kitchen cooking, baking, and bartending! My favorite greens, I would say, are matcha, pistachio, and mint-chocolate🔋️

I also take pride in my Spotify playlists, so here are 10 songs that have been on repeat lately!