To enhance social engagement on a music streaming app Spotify, we proposed a case study of an imagined concept.


February 2021 (3 weeks)



My Role

User Interview
Persona/Journey Mapping


It’s prominent that the music industry is heavily influenced by social engagement, so is the streaming platform.

Like many Spotify users, I like to engage with my friends and family by sharing songs playlists. Music has become one of the ways a person can express themselves. Lovers often share and make playlists for each other and friends predict what their friends are up to based on the music that they’re listening to.


Users get less control over their privacy and sharing options as there's currently no space in Spotify app for social engagement.

how can spotify app be more efficient on incentivizing users to share and engage?

Market validation

How Do Users Feel?

In order to gather Behavioral and Attitudinal dimensions when using the app, we sent out survey and conducted interviews to 42 current Spotify users.


Uses a mobile device as a primary platform when using spotify


Has an experience of sharing songs or a playlist with someone else


Uses text messages to share songs with text messages

→ Based on Spotify users, sharing mostly happens outside of the app although users LOVE sharing their playlists and songs. Not to mention that Spotify already offers various ways of sharing which didn’t seem like the most preferred way to the users.


1. Transparent Content User get greater control over privacy and personal activity.
2. Increase Engagement
Sharing songs with friends not physically together.
3. Decrease Distraction Increase interactions without having to leave the app.


Potential Features

I used impact and effort matrix to understand the potential features to efficiently prioritize our next tasks.

With the features that can potentially be implemented, we started lots of user testing to figure out the best way to visualize.

Friend's Activity

Activity details

generated playlists


Key Features


Enjoy the collective history between you and your friend through auto-generated playlists when sending/receiving songs


Get a greater control over how to appear on the activity from your friends point of view


Share songs seamlessly without having to leave the app within Spotify app with your Spotify friends

Thank you!