UX Design Internship for Tesla Design System to design Tesla's design library used by the designers and engineers across all media platforms.


May 2022-September 2022
(14 weeks)


Tesla Design System
Digital Experience Design

Design process

Internal Audit
External Research


During the summer of 2022, I was a UX design intern for Tesla's design system team as well as digital experience team. Although the internship was done remotely, I was able to spend my summer in Austin, TX, where my team and Tesla HQ were based in.

On a macro level, I conducted internal audit from existing designs to scope out problems in Tesla's Design System, ideated design solutions through testing with internal consumers like engineers and designers across different products, proposed design iterations, and finally wrote down design documentation addressing possible edge cases and usage guidelines. While I can’t fully disclose the details due to the NDA, feel free to reach out to me if you would like to learn more!


I'm still growing!!

Although I'm not a perfect designer yet, the talented people I met during my time at Tesla inspired me to never stop learning. Being in two teams at the same time meant I was exposed to numerous opportunities for growth through a great support from my loving teams, and I wanted to share some takeaways!

get feedback early on

Perks of working on the design system is that you're a Teams Chat away from your end users. I would tell my younger self never stop taking advantage of the other designers and engineers to understand context, run informal testings, and receive feedback.

listen attentively

Navigating through uncertainty was a big mountain I had to tackle. However, through the guidance and support from my mentor, I learned to create my own story through absorbing and empathizing..

love for design system

Where should I start? Working in a design system team was not just designing components, but also: governance, guidance, maintenance, and iteration. I loved learning to see things more holistically, systematically, and modularly!

Thank you!